Property Sourcing

New Build Sales specialises in the off plan property market and offers a bespoke sourcing and acquisitions service for buyers. Whether you're looking for the ideal London home to add to your property portfolio – or you want a buy-to-let property that ticks all the boxes – get in touch with the New Build Sales team.

We provide a bespoke property sourcing service where we work with closely with you – our client – on a one-to-one basis to reduce the time, inconvenience and frustration often associated with property searching.

Finding properties at the right price in the highly competitive London market demands knowledge of many factors. For example: price per square foot can vary from one London borough to another – and from street to street.  Even the prices of properties on different floors of the same block can show a huge variation.

New Build Sales take these and other factors into account when negotiating a purchase.  With London property prices being so high, it's important to have experienced buying agents in place to ensure that you and your money are not sucked into an inflationary property-price spiral.

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No obligation Consultation

We identify the best properties at the right price by exploring all options available both on and off market through our extensive network of industry contacts.

Each property search begins with a free no obligation consultation - either by phone or in person - where we start by forming a relationship with you. Our property consultants work closely with you to understand your property requirements and identify your investment objectives and timescales. We can then devise an investment strategy and deploy our expert negotiating skills to secure the best possible deal on your behalf.


Buying a property is much more than just location and price. We carry out a thorough review of what you are looking to purchase and the aspirations behind your ownership goals. For investment purposes, returns and exit strategy have to be considered.

For a family purchase, our consultants will consider various factors - where you work, schools, location, transport links for commuting and so on.

Comprehensive Client Brief

We then work with you to compile a focused and realistic brief which identifies your financial objectives, resources and timescales to start your property search. The client brief takes into account your requirements and preferences relating to the style, condition, size and location. If you are not fully familiar with all the locations of your chosen area, we can advise on different areas and options that may be suitable.

Investment Strategy

Based on your specific requirements in the client brief, we will create a proposal that will meet your property objectives. This may be a single strategy or it could be a mix of different property purchases. We advise on current market conditions and how your budget will perform in your chosen areas.


We'll carry out our due diligence and thoroughly research the local market to kick start your property search.


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